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Jonah Platt Stem Cell Seminar Series

The monthly Stem Cell Seminar Series brings scientists from all over the world to the forefront of regenerative medicine and emphasizes the basic research and translational themes of the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regeneration Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCSF. These seminars provide an opportunity for the UCSF community to learn about the work being done by prestigious researchers from other institutions, preview unpublished scientific results, initiate collaborations and build networks. The speakers who are invited to the series provide novel insights into stem cell functions, tissue development, and cell-based approaches to the treatment of diseases.


These seminars occur in-person and virtually on Zoom during the regular academic season.


This seminar series is currently sponsored by the generous gift from Mr. Jonah Platt.

Research in Progress Seminar Series

The Broad Center, in conjunction with other departments and groups, including Cell & Tissue Biology, Microbiology & Immunology, Anatomy, ImmunoX, and the HDFCC, holds a weekly conference to review ongoing research projects across a variety of fields and topics. The goal of the weekly meetings is to showcase a trainee’s current work in their respective labs and offer a valuable opportunity for them to get feedback and share creativity in a collegial space. Broad Center trainees present on a monthly basis.

These seminars occur virtually on Zoom during the regular academic season.


Science Session & Happy Hour

This monthly event occurs every second Tuesday of the month and kicks off with two twenty-minute presentations by IRM postdoctoral scholars about their current research, followed by Q&A. Pizza and drinks aid the post-seminar discussions as we shift to the Rooftop Happy Hour. We serve the food and beverages on the rooftop terrace adjacent to the IRM Boardroom outside.

These sessions occur in person and virtually on Zoom every second Tuesday from 5 to 6:30 PM.


Promoting Your Events and News 

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Submission Guidelines 


The UCSF Broad Stem Cell Center will post on our calendar events and important deadlines 1) open/relevant to all IRM members and 2) of particular interest to IRM members. Please submit dates, location(s), and a brief description of your event, preferably two weeks beforehand. 

IRM Announcements: Managed by Courtney Strasenburgh, the Announcements is the best way to ensure your event listing reaches all in the IRM community. Be sure to submit information about all of your events, large and small, to Courtney Strasenburgh

There is a general campus calendar at (Look for the submission button on the upper right. A login is required to submit events.) 


Please submit news items related to stem cells, current IRM students, alums, faculty, or news that would interest these same audiences or prospective students. For example: 

  • Awards and other milestones or accomplishments 
  • Activities that students or faculty are involved in, especially those that are high profile; those that advocate for science or our stem cell programs; make science understandable to a general audience; involve community engagement or partnerships with industry or external partners 
  • Outreach/diversity efforts 
  • Student volunteer efforts 
  • Ideally, news items will be submitted in the form of a brief story that only needs light editing, but we need, at the very least, the “who, what, where, and when” and an appropriate photo. In some cases, we may also submit news items to ReSearch ReSource, Pulse of UCSF or pitch stories to or Synapse on your behalf. 

Events and news stories will be curated and may also be edited for length and style.

Social Media 

  • The UCSF Broad Stem Cell Center’s Twitter handle is @UCSFstemcell. We will tweet or retweet announcements or news related to any Stem Cell/IRM affiliates.   
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Trainee/Student Outreach