Pancreas/Diabetes and Liver Disease

Pancreas/Diabetes and Liver DiseasePancreas/Diabetes and Liver Disease

Diabetes mellitus represents one of the most prevalent diseases in America, affecting over 16 million people and consuming one out of every eight health care dollars. Chronic liver disease affects as many as 5 million Americans, resulting in cirrhosis, liver failure and death for approximately 30,000 people each year. Stem cell therapy potentially can provide a source of liver and pancreatic cells for these patients, and thus a viable, definitive cure for liver failure and diabetes. The Pancreas/Diabetes and Liver Disease Pipeline at the University of California at San Francisco is a comprehensive program that is devoted to bringing together basic and clinical research to advance our understanding and treatment of liver failure and Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes through stem cell therapy. The Pancreas/Diabetes and Liver Disease Pipeline at UCSF is the only program in the state and one of the few programs in the country that combines superb developmental and stem cell research with a dedicated clinical program of liver and islet transplantation and the immunology efforts needed to move aggressive basic research towards potential cures of these diseases.

The Pancreas/Diabetes and Liver pipeline is directed by Drs. Jeffrey Bluestone and Matthias Hebrok.