Tom Lue, MD


Our primary research interest is in adipose tissue-derived stem/progenitor cells. We have systemically studied the method of isolation of these cells from fat tissue and liposuction aspirates; various methods of isolating cells according to surface markers (e.g. CD 35, 90, 105, SSEA-1 etc), cell size, cell viability; in vitro differentiating characteristics, signaling pathways involved in differentiating into neurons and smooth muscle cells, in vivo differentiation into muscle (striated and smooth), epithelium, blood vessels; in vivo tracing of injected cells with MRI; microRNA signatures, genetic changes after different passages, location of the stem progenitor cells in fat, the effect of implantation of these cells in animal models of neurogenic impotence, diabetic impotence, stress urinary incontinence, overactive bladder etc. We plan to apply for FDA approval and clinical trial in the next 2-3 years.