Boardroom Reservation

Ray and Dagmar Dolby Regeneration Medicine Building Boardroom Rental Policies

Use of Boardroom:
The Boardroom is a department resource; therefore all department meetings take priority. Consequently, the
Director’s office reserves the right to bump anyone outside the department for use of the Boardroom. If this
occurs, we will try to provide as much notice as possible, and you will be responsible for finding another
location for your meeting. We reserve the right to refuse future rentals to individuals that do not comply with
these policies.

Boardroom Capabilities:
The Boardroom is equipped with 8 (36”x72”) wood tables with folding legs. Each table has power and data
ports with daisy chain electrical capability. The maximum capacity for the Boardroom is 50 people and it is
equipped with the following:
• Wooden credenza
• Podium
• Wall-mounted video display
• Pull-down projection screen
• Blackout shades
• Dry-erase board - only “WALLTALKER MARKERS” can be used on the boards
• Active data ports for Internet access
• Teleconferencing capabilities

Technology Services Policy:
If you require A/V support, please contact Classroom Support ([email protected] or 415-476-4310) at least one
week before your meeting.

Catering & Reservation Policies:
If any type of catering is involved, the individual or group who made the reservation must be present to receive
and coordinate all catering activity. Similarly, a member of your group must remain afterwards to ensure that
proper clean up has occurred and the conference room has been restored to its original condition.  Please note that all food set-up must be done outside of the Boardroom.  There can be no food set-up inside of the Boardroom.  All trash should be disposed of outside of the Boardroom in the appropriate garbage and recycling bins.  No trash should be disposed of inside of the Boardroom. 

The rental fee for the Boardroom is $300.00; a chartstring or speedtype are required to secure the Boardroom. If
the room is not cleaned and restored to the original state immediately following the event, an additional
$75.00 charge will be assessed. These fees will be assessed no later than ten (10) business days after the

The set up and breakdown for events held in the Boardroom is the responsibility of the user. If you need a
different setup in the room, it is required that you contact Classroom Support to assist in moving tables, etc.
The room must be restored to its initial state at the end of the event; all tables and chairs must be returned to
their original, conference-style positions and folding chairs placed around the side of the room. The projector
screen and blackout curtains must be returned to their raised position, the white board completely cleaned off,
all trash removed, tables wiped off and all food promptly removed. For your convenience, cleaning supplies
are available in the Boardroom cupboards.

Contact Information:
If you are interested in reserving our conference room, please contact Aubrey Carstenson by email at [email protected].