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UC Provides Guidance to DACA Recipients on Applying for Renewal

UCSF News Sep 13, 2017
The University of California has sent a letter to the UC community containing guidance for students and other community members who are in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

‘Light Saber’ Offers Precise Tool to Decipher Cell Function

UCSF News Sep 12, 2017
Protein engineers and neurobiologists at UCSF have teamed up to create a biological light saber — an engineered protein that can slay specific cells simply by exposing them to light.

Gut Microbes May Influence Multiple Sclerosis Progression

UCSF News Sep 12, 2017
Researchers at UCSF have identified specific gut microbes associated with MS in human patients, showing that these microbes take part in regulating immune responses in mouse models of the disease.

University of California Cancer Consortium Takes on California’s $14 Billion Killer

UCSF News Sep 12, 2017
The University of California’s five academic cancer centers, have formed a consortium to better address California’s most pressing cancer-related problems and opportunities.

Breast Cancer Patients Who Freeze Their Eggs See No Delay for Chemotherapy

UCSF News Sep 9, 2017
Women who receive a breast cancer diagnosis while they are still young enough to bear children can take time to freeze their eggs and embryos without fear of delaying their cancer treatment.

University of California Sues Trump Administration on Unlawful Repeal of DACA Program

UCSF News Sep 8, 2017
The University of California has filed suit in federal court against the Trump administration for wrongly and unconstitutionally violating the rights of the University and its students by rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program on “nothing more than unreasoned executive whim.”

UCSF Pledges Continued Support for DACA Students, Staff During Town Hall

UCSF News Sep 7, 2017
UCSF held a forum Thursday to address the Trump administration’s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

UC President Napolitano Affirms Support, Protection for Sexual Violence Survivors

UCSF News Sep 7, 2017
UC President Janet Napolitano issued a statement following U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ announcement that appears to roll back guidance by the Office of Civil Rights. The federal changes will impact how schools handle sexual violence cases under the Title IX policy.

Protein Links Alcohol Abuse and Changes in Brain’s Reward Center

UCSF News Sep 7, 2017
UCSF researchers have identified a protein that links alcohol consumption with structural changes in one of the “reward centers” in the mouse brain.

UC President Napolitano Denounces Decision to End DACA Program

UCSF News Sep 5, 2017
UC President Janet Napolitano released a statement after President Trump announced his decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Edmond ‘Ted’ Eger, Whose Research is Basis for Modern Inhaled Anesthetics, Passes Away

UCSF News Sep 2, 2017
Edmond “Ted” Eger II, the anesthesiologist and scientist who pioneered development of modern inhaled anesthetics, died peacefully at his home in Tiburon, Calif., on Aug.26, 2017, one week shy of his 87th birthday.

Top Avoidable Emergency Room Visits: Alcohol, Dental Issues and Depression

UCSF News Sep 2, 2017
Alcohol abuse, dental conditions and depression were among the top causes of avoidable emergency room visits nationally.

Low-Cost Preventive Care May Help Heart Health for People with Serious Mental Illness

UCSF News Sep 2, 2017
A UCSF study identified a cost-effective way to ensure that people with serious mental illness receive frequent cardiovascular screening: an evidence-based integrated care model that leverages technology.

UCSF Responds to Harvey by Activating Global Disaster Assistance Committee

UCSF News Sep 1, 2017
UCSF is activating a committee to consider what responses may be appropriate for UCSF to take in aiding in the aftermath of tropical depression Harvey.

New Tool May Allow Doctors to ‘See’ Bacterial Infection in the Body

UCSF News Aug 31, 2017
UCSF scientists have developed an imaging tool that could soon allow doctors to locate and visualize bacterial infections in the body.

Novel Treatment Aims to Transform Protocol for Deadly Blood Disorder

UCSF News Aug 31, 2017
UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals will pioneer stem cell transplants for a uniquely challenging patient population: second-trimester fetuses stricken with a potentially fatal disease.

Blunting CRISPR’s ‘Scissors’ Gives New Insight into Autoimmune Disorders 

UCSF News Aug 31, 2017
Research team led by University of California scientists has used a modified version of the gene-editing technique CRISPR to find enhancers by prompting them into action.

New UCSF Program Aims to Advance Equity in Genomic Medicine in the Bay Area

UCSF News Aug 30, 2017
A team of UCSF researchers will receive $11.7 million over four years from the National Institutes of Health to launch a new Program in Prenatal and Pediatric Genomic Sequencing at UCSF.

Neonatologist Marshall Henry Klaus Passes Away

UCSF News Aug 30, 2017
Klaus conducted seminal research on mother-infant bonding, work that helped to establish the field of neonatology.

Summer Programs at UCSF Provide Science Opportunities, Promote Diversity

UCSF News Aug 30, 2017
Throughout the years, UCSF faculty, students and staff have set up several unique summer programs that expose young students from underrepresented minorities to science and clinical research.