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To Better Treat COPD, Scientists Look to Tailored Approaches for Deadly Lung Disease

UCSF News Nov 9, 2018
To develop novel therapies to treat specific subtypes of COPD, and potentially even to reverse some of the symptoms, scientists at UCSF are taking a precision medicine approach to the disease.

‘Orphan’ RNAs Make Cancer Deadlier, But Potentially Easier to Diagnose

UCSF News Nov 8, 2018
UCSF demonstrates that cancer is a clever engineer, capable of constructing entirely new disease-promoting networks out of raw materials readily available in the cell.

UCSF Celebrates Commitment to Community, Diversity in Year Marked by Solid Financial Performance

UCSF News Nov 7, 2018
2018 State of the University address to UC San Francisco’s initiatives in the local community and efforts to increase diversity and inclusion.

2018 Bay Area Science Festival Culminates in Discovery Day at AT&T Park

UCSF News Nov 7, 2018
From exploring the brain with virtual reality to learning about hearing, UCSF brought science to AT&T ballpark for the annual Discovery Day, which caps the Bay Area Science Festival.

With Disease Agnostic Approach, QBI is Accelerating Ambitious Science

UCSF News Nov 6, 2018
The Quantitative Biosciences Institute attracts investigators on the basis of the tools and techniques they employ, rather than the diseases they study.

Pulmonary TB Can Be Cured with Shorter Treatment, Study Finds

UCSF News Nov 6, 2018
Almost half of the nearly 10 million patients with active tuberculosis each year could potentially be cured with significantly shorter treatments than current guidelines recommend.

2018 Chancellor Diversity Awards Recognize Work to Advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

UCSF News Oct 31, 2018
Ten awardees were recognized for their work during celebration that was a part of Diversity and Inclusion Month at UCSF.

Chancellor Highlights UCSF’s Commitment to the Community in 2018 State of the University

UCSF News Oct 31, 2018
In his fifth annual address, Chancellor Hawgood focused on the deep connections the University has to the Bay Area and its people.

UCSF Immunology, Neuroscience Research Highly Ranked Among US News’ Best Global Universities

UCSF News Oct 31, 2018
Seven UCSF research subject areas were ranked in the top 10 globally by US News & World Report.

MEDIA ADVISORY: UCSF Chancellor to Give Annual ‘State of the University’ Address

UCSF News Oct 30, 2018
Annual State of the University Address by Chancellor Sam Hawgood.

User-Friendly Tools Help Older Adults Guide Future Medical Care

UCSF News Oct 29, 2018
A user-friendly website on advance care planning, as well as easy-to-read advance directives, can be highly effective in empowering older adults to plan for their future medical care.

California and New Jersey Family Leave Policies Improve Breastfeeding Rates for Some Women

UCSF News Oct 26, 2018
Partially paid family leave policies in California and New Jersey helped increase breastfeeding in those states, but rates increased most among higher-income women.

3D-Printed Bones are Helping Doctors Prepare for Surgeries

UCSF News Oct 25, 2018
Technology is giving UCSF doctors new tools to customize care for patients, and the health care practitioners of the future are learning how to implement the technology through a new course.

The First Genome Surgeons: Scientists Are Preparing to Bring DNA-Editing Tools to the Clinic

UCSF News Oct 25, 2018
The ascendancy of CRISPR systems raises a grand hope: If these tools can illuminate the causes of disease in the laboratory, why not bring them into the clinic to treat patients?

Heated Tobacco Product Claims by Tobacco Industry Scrutinized by UCSF Researchers, Others in Independent Data Review

UCSF News Oct 24, 2018
Claims by the tobacco industry that heated tobacco products (HTPs) are safer than conventional cigarettes are not supported by the industry’s own data and are likely to be misunderstood by consumers.

UCSF to Host Third Annual Veterans Open House and Job Fair

UCSF News Oct 23, 2018
To allow veterans and military service members to get to know the UC San Francisco community and consider UCSF as an employer of choice, the University will host its third annual Veterans Open House and Job Fair on Thursday, Nov. 8.

New Drug Could Sustain Oxygen-Starved Hearts

UCSF News Oct 19, 2018
In new studies conducted at UCSF, a novel oxygen-delivery therapeutic restored the function of oxygen-starved heart tissue in an animal model of global hypoxia.

Gene Plays Critical Role in Noise-Induced Deafness

UCSF News Oct 18, 2018
UCSF researchers discovered a gene that plays an essential role in noise-induced deafness.

With Dangers of Everyday Concussions Revealed, Scientists Race to Find Solutions

UCSF News Oct 17, 2018
UCSF scientists are working to understand how concussions cause long-term cognitive damage – and how they might be treated.

From Labs to Science at AT&T Park, UCSF Builds New Experiences for 2018 Bay Area Science Festival

UCSF News Oct 16, 2018
Hands-on science at AT&T Park, visits to neuroscience labs and talks to engage Latinx youth in science are just a few of the many activities UCSF has planned for this year’s Bay Area Science Festival.