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Female Mice are Immune to Cognitive Damage from Space Radiation

UCSF News Aug 18, 2018
Most studies of galactic cosmic radiation have used male mice, but new research suggests that female mice may have innate protection against this deep space hazard.

Should All Babies Have Their Genomes Sequenced?

UCSF News Aug 17, 2018
Health professionals should recommend against parents using direct-to-consumer genetic sequencing to diagnose or screen their newborns.

New Approach to Fight Tuberculosis, a Leading Cause of Death Worldwide

UCSF News Aug 17, 2018
A group of researchers from the Gladstone Institutes, UCSF, and UC Berkeley used a systematic approach to get an entirely new look at the way tuberculosis infects people.

In Choosing Care, HIV Patients in Zambia Prefer Kindness Over Convenience

UCSF News Aug 15, 2018
Patients were hypothetically willing to increase wait time and travel distance—and accept significant reduction in medication—in order to access a healthcare provider with a nice attitude, according to a new survey.

The Making of a World-Class Health System: How UCSF Health Excels Amid Today's Industry Demands

UCSF News Aug 14, 2018
Over the past three years, UCSF Health has seen patient satisfaction ratings climb, while negative safety incidents and overall costs have continually decreased.

UCSF Medical Center Is Best Hospital in California for 2018-19

UCSF News Aug 14, 2018
UCSF ranked sixth on the national Best Hospitals Honor Roll and received special recognition for exceptional performance in 15 medical specialties, including top-10 status in a dozen.

‘Undruggable’ Cancers Slowed by Targeting Growth Signals

UCSF News Aug 14, 2018
Researchers have identified a new strategy for potentially treating a subset of intractable cancers by decoupling the entire RAS / MAP Kinase signaling pathway from external growth signals.

Media Advisory: UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute’s (CHORI) 37th Annual Summer Student Research Program Concludes with Summer Student Symposium

UCSF News Aug 9, 2018
Students who spent their summer doing laboratory and clinical research alongside BCHO doctors and CHORI scientists are presenting their research at a scientific symposium at CHORI on Friday, August 10.

Scooter Safety: UCSF Doctors to Track New Injuries

UCSF News Aug 8, 2018
Researchers want to know how these new modes of transportation are affecting injuries in the city.

New Inquiry-Based Curriculum Empowers Future Pharmacists to be Catalysts for Change

UCSF News Aug 8, 2018
Built on a foundation of scientific thinking, and one that exposes students to the latest questions in research and patient care, the School of Pharmacy’s new curriculum differentiates UCSF’s PharmD degree program from the growing number of programs nationwide.

Diabetes in Bay Area Chinese Population Linked to Fat Fibrosis

UCSF News Aug 6, 2018
A new UC San Francisco study has discovered a key biological difference in how people of European and Chinese descent put on weight — a finding that could help explain why Asians often develop type 2 diabetes at a much lower body weight than Caucasians. 

UCSF Invests in Traffic Calming at 5th and Kirkham

UCSF News Aug 4, 2018
UCSF is fully funding a traffic-calming effort at Fifth Avenue and Kirkham Street.

New Tool Crowdsources Human Intelligence for Biological Research

UCSF News Aug 2, 2018
Scientists now have the ability to label cell parts in bright fluorescent colors, render tissue slices in high-definition photos and use video to monitor animal behavior down to the milliseconds.

1 in 3 Youth Who Break the Law Identify as LGBTQ 

UCSF News Aug 2, 2018
New study that examines sexual orientation, gender expression and mental health among young people who are involved in the justice system, but are not incarcerated.

Important Cancer-Tracking Registry to Locate at UCSF

UCSF News Aug 1, 2018
The Greater Bay Area Cancer Registry, which has been at the forefront of cancer data collection throughout the region is moving its headquarters and management to UCSF.

Musical Improvisation in the Brain

UCSF News Jul 31, 2018
Charles Limb, professor of otolaryngology at UCSF, has been fascinated for years by how artists produce unique, emotive, and coherent pieces of music with no sheet music or practice to guide them.

Researchers Find a New Way to Visualize Integrins

UCSF News Jul 31, 2018
A collaboration between three labs at UCSF has resulted in an unprecedented look at a member of a vital and ubiquitous class of proteins called integrins.

Trying to Quit Smoking? E-Cigarettes Add Health Risks Rather Than Help

UCSF News Jul 31, 2018
A new study by researchers at UCSF found that cigarette users do not benefit from the added use of e-cigarettes, with no reduction in cigarettes smoked or health risks.

Genetic Study of Familial Leukemia Solves 30-Year Medical Mystery

UCSF News Jul 28, 2018
A decades-old medical mystery has been solved by researchers at UCSF and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee, who have discovered a pair of inherited genetic mutations underlying a familial blood disorder that sometimes leads to leukemia.

Study Suggests HUD’s New Smoke-Free Policy Will Help More Low-Income Smokers Quit

UCSF News Jul 28, 2018
Enforcing residential bans on smoking could help large numbers of low-income people quit smoking, according to an analysis of federally funded national surveys by a California research team.