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‘Biosimilar’ Drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis Actually Cost Patients More

Sep 7, 2018
The availability of biosimilars commonly used to treat moderate to severe RA may not by itself reduce out-of-pocket costs for Medicare beneficiaries due to a lack of manufacturer discounts.

Mutations, Drugs Drive Cancer by Blurring Growth Signals

Sep 6, 2018
Genetic mutations in a form of non–small cell lung cancer may drive tumor formation by blurring cells’ perception of key growth signals, according to a new laboratory study published Aug. 31, 2018, in Science.

UCSF’s Resource Allocation Program (RAP) Accepting Applications for the Fall 2018 Cycle

Sep 6, 2018
The Resource Allocation Program (RAP), in partnership with many on-campus sources of research funding, facilitates the dissemination, submission, review and award of intramural research funding opportunities on campus.

NIH Funds UCSF-led Initiative to Chart a Course Toward New Psychiatric Drugs

Sep 6, 2018
Researchers at UCSF and the Gladstone Institutes have received an $18 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to launch the Psychiatric Cell Map Initiative.

Pediatric Device Consortium Celebrates Future Innovations with $6.7M FDA Grant

Sep 5, 2018
Thanks to a $6.7 million grant, the newly named UCSF-Stanford Pediatric Device Consortium can focus on the development of revolutionary, low-cost gadgets to diagnose and cure pediatric health conditions.

New Generation Health Center Celebrates Opening at New Location

Aug 31, 2018
Thanks to a strong partnership as well as the philanthropy of many donors, the New Generation Health Center is opening its doors at the Homeless Prenatal Program to ensure San Francisco residents receive critical reproductive health care for years to come.

As the Keto Diet Gains Popularity, Scientists Explain What We Do and Don’t Know

Aug 30, 2018
As the low-carbohydrate, high-fat ketogenic, or “keto,” diet becomes more popular, scientists at UCSF are among those working to study its potential health benefits and risks.

Tailored Drug Cocktails Offer Hope to Kids with Aggressive Brain Tumors

Aug 30, 2018
By creating a tailored drug cocktail that matches the mutations of a brain tumor, a new precision medicine approach may move the needle for children with high-grade gliomas.

UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals will ‘Be Gold’ in September for Pediatric Cancer Awareness

Aug 30, 2018
UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals are part of a nationwide campaign to shine a spotlight on childhood cancer during Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month in September—with the color gold as the campaign’s symbol.

Breast Cancer Surgery in Frail Elderly Women Linked to Poor Results

Aug 30, 2018
UCSF researchers found that 58 percent of women who resided in a nursing home for more than 90 days before breast cancer surgery experienced significant functional decline one year after surgery.

Transgender-Positive Approach Overdue in Acute Care

Aug 27, 2018
Fears of insensitive questioning, withdrawal from hormone treatment and the use of a patient’s legal name, rather than chosen name, may drive many transgender people away from acute care facilities, including emergency departments, urgent care and inpatient treatment, according to an analysis by UCSF doctors.

Robert D. Gibson, Long-time Pharmacy Leader and Champion of Diversity, Dies at 93

Aug 23, 2018
Gibson, PharmD '58, had an illustrious career over five decades at UCSF, including associate vice chancellor for student and academic affairs, and was a strong national leader for diversity in the pharmacy profession.

Chronic Inflammation Can Trigger Cancers Via Newly Discovered Mechanism

Aug 23, 2018
In these patients, chronic tissue inflammation causes an over-active protein to introduce mutations across the genome, some of which eventually lead to cancer.

Risk of Heart Attacks is Double for Daily E-Cigarette Users

Aug 22, 2018
Use of e-cigarettes every day can nearly double the odds of a heart attack, according to a new analysis of a survey of nearly 70,000 people, led by researchers at UCSF.

Solar Installation Project Planned for UCSF, UCSF Fresno

Aug 18, 2018
More than 4,700 solar panels will be installed over the next three months on five structures at UC San Francisco and on the surface parking lot at UCSF Fresno.

Female Mice are Immune to Cognitive Damage from Space Radiation

Aug 18, 2018
Most studies of galactic cosmic radiation have used male mice, but new research suggests that female mice may have innate protection against this deep space hazard.

Should All Babies Have Their Genomes Sequenced?

Aug 17, 2018
Health professionals should recommend against parents using direct-to-consumer genetic sequencing to diagnose or screen their newborns.

New Approach to Fight Tuberculosis, a Leading Cause of Death Worldwide

Aug 17, 2018
A group of researchers from the Gladstone Institutes, UCSF, and UC Berkeley used a systematic approach to get an entirely new look at the way tuberculosis infects people.

In Choosing Care, HIV Patients in Zambia Prefer Kindness Over Convenience

Aug 15, 2018
Patients were hypothetically willing to increase wait time and travel distance—and accept significant reduction in medication—in order to access a healthcare provider with a nice attitude, according to a new survey.

The Making of a World-Class Health System: How UCSF Health Excels Amid Today's Industry Demands

Aug 14, 2018
Over the past three years, UCSF Health has seen patient satisfaction ratings climb, while negative safety incidents and overall costs have continually decreased.