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Roly Gosling: Working Toward His Vision of a Malaria-Free World

Mar 15, 2017
Two things brought Roly Gosling to his current work to eliminate malaria: a series of British children’s books he read as a boy and a conviction that he should put his vision and beliefs into practice.

UCSF Schools Rank Highly in 2018 US News Survey

Mar 14, 2017
UC San Francisco’s School of Medicine ranked in the top five nationally in this year’s U.S. News & World Report survey of best graduate schools.

UC Health Issues Statement on the American Health Care Act

Mar 14, 2017
The University of California Health system is reviewing the American Health Care Act that was introduced in Congress the week of March 6.

MEDIA ADVISORY: UCSF Holds Free Mock Trial: Is Mammography a Good Value?

Mar 9, 2017
UCSF physicians are holding a free mock trial to debate the health and financial value of mammography.

UCSF to Lead Resource Team for Craniofacial, Oral and Dental Tissue Regeneration

Mar 7, 2017
UCSF is the lead institution on a California-based, six-university consortium that was awarded $12 million by the NIDCR to develop strategies for treating craniofacial and dental defects.

UC Statement on President Trump’s New Travel, Immigration Executive Order

Mar 7, 2017
The University of California has issued a statement expressing its deep concern about the Trump Administration’s new executive order banning citizens of six nations from entering the United States.

Leaders of UCSF’s Clinical Sites Present Unique Perspectives and a Shared Vision

Mar 7, 2017
Leaders from UCSF’s three major clinical organizations joined on Feb. 27 at the Mission Bay Hospitals’ Oberndorf auditorium for an overview of the breadth of the institution’s clinical enterprise.

Study Shows How Skates, Rays and Sharks Sense Electrical Fields

Mar 7, 2017
Sharks, rays and skates can hunt for prey hidden in the sandy sea floor by “listening” for faint traces of bioelectricity – they can literally sense their prey’s heart beating.

Medical Students Explore Health Care Delivery Improvement with Clinical Microsystems Clerkship

Mar 4, 2017
The launch of the Bridges, which came 15 years after the last revamping of the School of Medicine’s curriculum, includes the striking and intriguing change of including the Clinical Microsystems Clerkship.

Zebrafish-to-Patient Approach Speeds Search for Childhood Epilepsy Treatments

Mar 4, 2017
In an unprecedented leap from lab to patients, a potential treatment for childhood epilepsy identified in experiments with zebrafish.

UCSF Physicians, Staff Honored by San Francisco General Hospital Foundation

Mar 4, 2017
UCSF physicians and staff were among those honored by The San Francisco General Hospital Foundation in this year’s Heroes & Hearts Award, which recognizes individuals within the community who go above and beyond the call of duty to care for the people of San Francisco.

UCSF Researchers Find Key to ‘Tired’ Blood and Immune Systems

Mar 3, 2017
A molecular key to aging of the blood and immune system has been discovered in new research conducted at UCSF.

With New Imaging Technology, Scientists and Clinicians Can Visualize Biological Systems

Mar 2, 2017
A picture may be worth a thousand words. But new imaging technology that harmonizes mighty and distinctive microscopes may tell a complex story about a disease or condition – how it develops and how it can be treated precisely

UCSF Scientists, Leaders Highlight Latest Advances at 2017 Precision Medicine World Conference

Mar 2, 2017
Scientists, clinicians and entrepreneurs shared the latest innovations and initiatives in the rapidly evolving movement to make health care more personal, predictive and preventive at the Precision Medicine World Conference in January.

Joan Voris, Former Associate Dean at UCSF Fresno, Passes Away

Mar 2, 2017
Longtime former associate dean in Fresno, Joan Voris, passed away on Feb. 11.

Science in Focus: The Placenta’s Role in Protecting the Fetus from Infection

Mar 2, 2017
The mammalian placenta is a sort of armored car protecting a developing fetus. All manner of infectious agents attempt to break in, but few of them can. Scientists are working to understand why some infections do break through and how to stop them.

Artificial Intelligence Aids Scientists in Uncovering Hallmarks of Mystery Concussion

Mar 2, 2017
New research is paving the way to a precision medicine approach to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with traumatic brain injury.

Dorothy Rice, Pioneer in Medical Economics and Health Statistics, Passes Away

Mar 1, 2017
Dorothy Pechman Rice, professor emerita of health economics at the UCSF School of Nursing, passed away on Feb. 25, 2017.

UCSF School of Dentistry Dean John Featherstone Announces Plan to Retire

Mar 1, 2017
John Featherstone has announced he will step down as dean of the UCSF School of Dentistry at the end of December 2017. He will also retire from his faculty position as professor of preventive and restorative dental sciences.

Genetic ‘Balance’ May Influence Response to Cancer Treatment

Feb 28, 2017
The chromosomal “balance” of normal and abnormal versions of the cancer-driving gene KRAS affects the response to targeted treatments.